Kiki Halloran is a wife, mother, and bored. She has reached her early thirties, realizing that she’s got to change her life or she’ll go nuts. Her husband, Kevin can’t understand her, he thinks they have a good life. His idea of excitement is a couple of fishing trips a year with his brother. Kiki wants to feel involved with life, enjoying every day, and going out on weekends.

Her work provides her with a sense of purpose, and her little boy, Patrick, provides her with joy. But there’s something missing. She longs to be loved and cherished both physically and emotionally. Does that kind of love even exist? She wants a better life. Will Kevin understand her needs, and endeavor to join her in her search, or will she be forced to divorce him, leaving Patrick with a parttime father, and her alone? Her decision is complicated by her Catholic faith and her Irish parents, who don’t believe in divorce.

Kiki doesn’t want to end up old, unhappy, knowing she let life pass her by. How will she resolve her unhappiness and boredom? She forms a plan….