SherrieMoore72Sherri Donovan Moore is from St Paul, Minnesota, which is the setting for her first book. She started writing when her youngest child flew the coop. She wrote a column for a neighborhood newspaper, The Longfellow Nokomis Messenger, until a year ago, when she retired to finish her book.

Sherri married young, bought a house, had a son, and like the character in You’ll Be Nothing Without Me, realized there had to be more to life than working and raising her son. She later divorced from her husband and spent a blissful three years deciding what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She learned how to ski so she could meet more interesting people, joined a ski club, and went on her first ski trip to Colorado, where she met her second husband in the Denver Airport. They met in the bar AND restaurant, as her mother used to say.

Several years later, after much consideration and deliberation, she sold her house, settled up all financial matters, and she and her son moved to Los Angeles, where she married her second husband. Mr. M., as she calls him, had a daughter, which was one of his biggest selling points. They raised their children together, becoming the average blended family, with a dog.

Eventually relocating to Minnesota, Sherri completed her college education and has been working and writing since her graduation. Sherri is currently working on a sequel to You’ll Be Nothing Without Me. She belongs to the WOW writing group and thanks them for their encouragement. She is looking for a new writing partner; a dog.